Are you tired of living in a cluttered home?

Susy felt a shot of dread every time the doorbell rang. Luckily she had mastered the technique of opening her front door just enough for the visitor to see her head, but not enough that they could see into her home.

When she said goodbye and closed the front door, Susy always felt a mixture of shame and relief.

Shame because her home was very messy.

Relief because the potential disaster of another human seeing her cluttered home had been avoided.

As Susy’s eyes scanned her kitchen she wondered how she could have two degrees and hold a responsible job but not be able to keep her countertops clean.

Something so simple for other people felt like rocket science to her.

Dishes with dinner leftovers, tins of cat food, half full coffee mugs and containers waiting to be recycled covered every flat surface.

It was a similar story in her other rooms. Papers, bills, receipts, shopping bags, books and clothes were in piles on the floor, on tables and even on the half of the bed she didn’t sleep on. 

In extreme circumstances, like an out of town visitor, Susy found she had the motivation and focus to declutter. But when the visitors left, the clutter returned.

Even a simple thing like reaching into a cupboard was a big deal. Items were so tightly packed, if one thing was moved, an avalanche of clutter would fall out. When this happened she felt really grumpy.

The clutter also made Susy feel mentally disorganized. If she needed to find something important, perhaps for work or her taxes, she felt anxious because she didn’t know where it would be.

Susy was lonely. The clutter meant she felt different from everyone else and it stopped her spending time with her friends.

Susy didn’t feel she could do fun activities or move forward with her goals until her home was tidy. However, when the weekend rolled round and she had time to declutter, her energy drained at the thought of it. Instead she would nap or  procrastinate by watching YouTube videos.  

Her life was on hold until she decluttered but as the months slipped by she felt stuck.

Susy knew this clutter was affecting her whole life. But there didn’t seem to be a way out.

Hi, I am Jacqueline Sinfield

I have been an ADHD coach for 14 years and during that time have heard many stories like Susy’s. That makes sense because if you are distracted, running late or feeling scattered, clutter can accumulate very easily.

Plus, tidying up is boring and mundane, two of the things that ADHDers avoid wherever possible.

Because ADHD and clutter often go hand in hand, helping ADHDers declutter has always been a big part of being a Coach for adults with ADHD.

In my early days, I would go to people’s homes and help them to declutter and organize.

As my business grew, many of my clients lived in different cities and countries, and home visits were no longer a practical option. Instead, we would have virtual home visits via Skype which, as it turned out, were just as effective and fun.

Decluttering and organizing isn’t just about having a blitz and getting everywhere tidy. It is also about creating ADHD friendly tweaks to your life, so that maintenance feels almost like second nature.

When I meet new people, they always think their home will be THE messiest I have ever seen, and they will be the one person that can’t be helped. That is never the case. The feeling that your home is so messy, that you are beyond help, isn’t about the amount of clutter. It is connected to the shame and guilt you feel towards your clutter. 


Remember, clutter is just items waiting to be processed, perhaps put away, thrown out or donated. So try not to feel bad about having it.

I am not one of those people who are born with an organization gene. Far from it. My default mode is messy. However, over the years I developed a system that helps me to look tidy and feel organized. This is the same system that has helped many ADHDers to declutter and maintain a tidy environment, and can help you too.

In fact, a message I hear again and again from the people I have worked with:

‘Jacqueline is the only professional who has been able to help me.’

"Jacqueline is the ONLY professional who has ever been able to make a difference. After years of frustration, near misses and unfulfilled dreams, Jacqueline managed to tap into what makes me tick and utilize my strengths.” "

Peter Bailey

The Clear and Calm Story

When I decided to put all my decluttering knowledge into a course format so that it could help more people, ‘Clear and Calm’ seemed the perfect name. It was originally a module in the flagship program Essentially Brilliant: The Foundation Course to Untap Your ADHD Brilliance. However, when I realized how helpful it was, it became a stand-alone course, and Clear and Calm, the ADHD Decluttering course was born.

(Please note, if you are already a member of Essentially Brilliant, you have access to the Home Study version of this course too!)

Do you...

  •  Feel overwhelmed and disorganized in your own home?
  • Find it hard to ‘put things away’ because every closet, cupboard and drawer is full to the max?
  • Pay for storage lockers outside of your home?
  •  Have boxes of belongings you haven’t used for 20 years, but have never had time to sort through?
  • Procrastinate when it is time to declutter and organize even though it’s a top priority for you?
  • Avoid inviting people into your home because you are too embarrassed?
  • Have huge paper piles that keep growing?
  • Find it hard to keep a tidy home after doing a blitz or hiring a personal organizer?
  • Have clutter in the corners of every room so that your home feels overcrowded?

Are you ready to...

  • Create a tidy and clean home in a way that feels easy?
  • Welcome people into your home on a whim with zero advanced notice?
  • Feel proud of yourself and your home?
  • Feel organized and in control of your life?
  • Know where all important documents are?
  • Enjoy having extra time, because hunting for lost items is a thing of the past?
  • Feel clever for being able to crack the tidy code after all these years?
  • Enjoy your free time, rather than feeling like you have decluttering to do?

Clear and Calm can help!

Here's what you will learn...

Lesson by lesson

1. Introduction

In this lesson you will learn the behind-the-scenes reason why ADHDers have clutter. Knowing the background for why things are the way they are helps to lay a solid foundation for change so you can stop feeling guilty and start feeling hopeful.

2. Mindset

In addition to the practical reasons why ADHDers can have clutter, there is also a mindset piece. It is helpful to have an awareness of this important mindset factor so that the changes (clear spaces) can be long lasting.

3. Motivation

ADHD is less about attention and more about motivation. When you feel motivated, attention follows and you enjoy taking action.

Discover what your underlying motivation is for decluttering, so that you have a bigger reason ‘why’ than wanting a tidy space (although that is important too!).

4. Strategy

It’s time to get strategic! In this lesson you get clear on where you want to declutter and what the best decluttering method for you is, so that you can see progress quickly.

5. The Daily Method

In this lesson you learn The Daily Method for decluttering. There is no rule that says decluttering has to be done in long stretches of time, like “all weekend.” Decluttering in micro chunks overrides procrastination and resistance so that you build momentum and decluttering becomes an effortless part of your daily life.

6. Out of Sight Out of Mind

One of the reasons why people with ADHD have clutter is because of the ‘out of sight out of mind factor.’ Putting items away behind closed doors means you might forget them. To combat this you might keep items ‘out where you can see them,’ which is a good strategy, but your home can look cluttered.

n this lesson you will learn how to support your memory so that you know where everything is even if it’s out of sight.

7. Avoid cleaning binges

Living with ADHD can mean jumping from one activity to the next, leaving a trail of unfinished tasks behind you. In this lesson you will learn how to make ‘tidying as go’ second nature so that you avoid the need for big cleaning binges.

8. House work

Does the thought of housework drain your physical and mental energy? In this lesson you will learn a technique that actually makes housework feel like a game. That means you have all the energy and motivation to clean your home from top to bottom. Here is what one course member said.

I just finished cleaning for hours and it is the first time I have done that in a long time. I usually do it for 5 minutes here and there and don't feel like I'm getting anything accomplished.

I haven't completed the Clear and Calm course yet but I LOVE it!

It is really helping me.

9. Good bye paper mountain

A classic feature of an ADHD home is piles of paper. These paper piles accumulate quickly and take a lot of mental effort to clear. In this lesson you will learn how to catch up with your current paper piles, as well as techniques so that they don’t appear again in the future.

10. Filing system

It’s okay if you did an internal groan when you read ‘filing system.’ It does sound like a boring, linear process – what most ADHDers would rather avoid. However, we keep things simple so it isn’t overwhelming or dull. In this lesson you will learn how to create an ADHD friendly filing system, so that you always know where your important documents are.

11. Seasonal tasks

Learn how to take care of seasonal tasks in season – for example, putting away Christmas decorations in January vs. April so that you feel organized, up to date and in sync with your neighbours.

12. Downsize your photograph collections

Organizing physical photos (not digital) is one of the hardest decluttering tasks when you have ADHD. It’s like the black belt level of decluttering.

In these lessons you will learn the 12 ADHD friendly steps to organizing and downsizing your photo collections.

That includes how to handle any emotions that might bubble up to the surface, and how to categorize photos so that the project feels interesting and rewarding.

Clear and Calm isn’t just about consuming information! It’s designed to help you take action and declutter in a way that feels easy and fun. It’s the exact opposite of overwhelming and scary.

Tech Support

The course is hosted on an intuitive and easy to use platform. However, if you have any tech questions, please email us at support@untappedbrilliance and we will take care of you right away.


"“This is the most useful thing I've ever learned about having a clear environment – and I've read at least 6 decluttering books and a gazillion articles PLUS worked with a professional organizer. Clear and Calm is brilliant! So non-judgmental and so practical.” ~ June Fowler, Alberta Canada"

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"“Without hesitation I recommend anyone struggling with ADHD to work with Jacqui. “I knew that medication wasn’t the only answer and that a major dietary/lifestyle change was needed for me to feel in control of my life. The changes I made not only helped my ADHD, they also helped with my severe insomnia. “Without a doubt, working with Jacqui was one of the best decisions I have made. I would have also saved thousands of dollars on psychiatrists if I had worked with her sooner.”"



How much time do I need to implement the strategies you are teaching?

f you can spend 10-15 minutes a day using the information in the course, you will see a really big difference to your life.

How long do I have access to Clear and Calm course content?

I really dislike taking a course with a limited time to access it. That’s why Clear and Calm has lifetime access. This also includes access to all updates and any new course material that is added in the future.





What format is the content delivered?

Each lesson includes videos (with slides), and worksheets. Whether you are a visual or auditory learner or like to see the key points in writing, this course has you covered.

How long are the videos?

The videos are made with the busy ADHDer in mind. Each video is approximately 5 minutes.

Here is what one ADHDer said.

“Jacqueline! You seem to have a natural ability to break information down and zone in on what is important. Plus, you give solutions in such a way that I can’t wait to jump into action. Thank you!”

Is there a refund policy or guarantee?

Absolutely! There is a 60 day guarantee. If you finish the course and implement the strategies yet don’t see any results, send me an email within 60 days of purchase. I will be happy to issue a full refund.

Is there any one-on-one time with you in the program?

Although the program doesn’t include one-on-one time with me, you are more than welcome to book an individual coaching session if you would like some additional support.

Is there a Facebook Group?

No Facebook group! I have had Facebook groups for past courses and found that the majority of the course participants decided not to join. They were concerned that work colleagues, friends or family would know they were in a group for ADHD – even though it was a secret group. 

Could I find this information in the course available for free?

Probably. We live in an information-rich world. That is awesome, but also has its drawbacks. 

When you have ADHD, too much information can make you feel overwhelmed which leads to no action. Clear and Calm has enough information so that you feel informed without causing information overload.

"Clear and Calm is fabulous…just saying…:) "

D. Retired.

Refund Policy

Clear and Calm combines research and real life knowledge I have gathered over the last 14 years of being an ADHD Coach. The information in this course has helped thousands of clients and course participants with their ADHD challenges. I am confident it will help you too.

If for any reason you don’t love this course, I am happy to give you a full refund within 60 days of purchase. Why 60 days? Because it gives you enough time implement the course content and start seeing results.

"I am no longer the same person I was. It’s hard to remember the old me now. I learned so much from our coaching. Jacqui has ALL the answers to EVERYTHING. Every problem you throw at her, she immediately gives you a tip or tool to handle that situation." "

28 year old medical student, now doctor

Jacqueline Sinfield

Jacqueline has worked in health care for over twenty years. In England, she trained and worked as a registered nurse and obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology before moving to Canada and setting up her practice as a coach for adults with ADHD.

Her Untapped Brilliance blog has been named a “Top ADHD Blog of 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018” by Healthline, “Best of the Web Blog” by Psych Central and “Top 20 ADHD Blog Winner” by ADDerworld.

In addition she was a writer for the health website for two years as their ADHD Expert.

Her book Untapped Brilliance has helped thousands of adults with ADHD.


Jacqueline is a qualified nurse, Keele University, Staffordshire UK, has a bachelor’s degree in psychology (Hon.) and a certificate in counselling.  She is a Coach U (USA) graduate. She has also studied and read widely with international ADHD experts and continues to be attentive to emerging research.

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