Imagine going to bed at a ‘normal’ time

(without feeling you are missing out or wasting time)

When I meet clients for the first time, I ask them some standard questions to get an idea of what their life is like. One of these questions is,

‘What time do you go to bed at night?’

And very often the reply is…

‘Well it’s not night time,’

followed by guilty admissions of 2 a.m., 3 a.m., 4 a.m. bedtimes.

Whatever your bedtime currently is, don’t feel guilty about it.

There are lots of very real reasons why having ADHD makes going to bed challenging.

However! Those early morning bedtimes cause problems when your alarm is ringing at 6.30 a.m., reminding you to get up and start your day.

Can you get by on 3 hours sleep a night? Yes, but it’s not sustainable and it doesn’t feel good.

Your ADHD symptoms get worse. You feel tired, low energy and irritable. Plus, it’s not helpful for your long term health. 

Introducing… ‘I’m Going to Bed Now – for Sure!’

An 8 lesson course that teaches you the exact ADHD friendly steps to take so you can go to bed at your ideal bedtime, every day.

This simple but powerful course gives you an exact formula to discover your ideal bedtime.

Plus, you get the practical steps and mindset shifts you need so that you can go to bed at your ideal time consistently, day in and day out, month after month.

Hi! I am  Jacqueline and have been an ADHD coach for the last 15 years.

Before that, I was a nurse working in a busy surgical hospital. Nurses know the many benefits of sleep for their patients.

However, life as a nurse with early, late and night shifts doesn’t lend itself to having a regular sleep routine or getting enough sleep.

 It was during those years of being a nurse I realized if I didn’t get enough sleep my mood would dip and I would start to feel depressed.

Since feeling depressed is grim, I wanted to avoid it at all costs. Although I didn’t know the term ‘mental shift’ at the time, that’s what I did. I made a mental shift and I decided to prioritize sleep.


From there I was able to create habits that allowed me to get my sleep quota and avoid the depression darkness – even though there were lots of external circumstances that were out of my control.

When I became an ADHD coach, I had a more conventional work schedule which made going to bed at my ideal bedtime easier in many ways.

However, I still prioritize sleep and use those habits to get me to bed at the ideal time every night.

And these steps don’t just work for me. The steps in ‘I’m Going to Bed Now – for Sure!’ have helped hundreds of my one-to-one private clients. These steps will work for you too.

You might not feel depressed if you don’t get enough sleep, but you will have your own motivations for wanting to go to bed at your ideal time. What are they?

Perhaps it’s because you know your memory improves and isn’t like the proverbial ‘sieve,’ or you don’t like sleeping your weekends away to catch up, or you want to wake up with your alarm rather than automatically pressing “snooze” and then sleeping late.


""Not only has Jacqueline taught me how to consistently go to bed at my ideal bedtime, Something I struggled to figure out how to do before. She did it in a very fun and welcoming way, while also providing tools for helping taking bedtime; something that felt like a chore at the best of times and quite anxiety inducing at the worst. To being something I look forward to during my day, something that feels nurturing and now works in line with how I want to live my life. Being able to change this habit and seeing positive results has definite helpt me build my confidence and belif in myself. Being a sleep deprived zombie makes life with ADHD extremely difficult, going to bed at the right time for is essential step to avoid living like that, so this course has been truly life changing."


Here’s what is covered in ‘I’m Going to Bed Now – for Sure!’

Lesson 1 

Learn the 9 reasons why ADHDers find it hard to go to bed.


Identifying which of these affect you helps you to understand yourself and why you are the way you are. It will also make going to bed much easier in the future.

Lesson 2

  • Understand your sleep history

    In this lesson I help you identify your sleep patterns at different phrases of your life. This helps you uncover the underlying reasons for your current bedtime behaviours and habits.


Lesson 3. 

  • Know your ideal bedtime

    In this lesson I give you the formula to discover what your ideal bedtime is. Okay, there is math involved but don’t worry, it’s simple.

    Knowing your ideal bedtime is the foundation for all the other steps.

 Lesson 4

  • Make simple but powerful mindset shifts

    In this lesson you will learn the helpful ADHD friendly mindset shifts to make, so that you feel motivated to go to bed.

Lesson 5 

Create 2 new routines to help you go to bed. A bedtime and a pre-bedtime routine. They help you to physically and mentally prepare for  bed and sleep.

These work even if you haven’t been able to ‘make yourself’ go to bed for decades.

“The pre bedtime routine (I didn’t know there was such a thing) in addition to the bedtime routine has helped me tremendously. It used to be that when I was sleepy I would start to go to bed, but by the time I had done everything to prepare for bed I would be wide awake again.” D. Happy course member

Lesson 6 


  • In this lesson you will learn the helpful tool (it’s free) to help you carry out the 2 key behaviours in Lesson 5.

Lesson 7  

Stay motivated

One of the keys to success when you have ADHD is feeling motivated. In this lesson you will learn how to maintain your motivation to going to bed at your ideal bedtime.


Lesson 8

Dissolve obstacles

Learn the common ‘yeah buts’ or potential obstacles and that ADHDers face when they start to go to bed at their ideal bedtime. Knowing about them ahead of time helps prepare for your success.

Happy Course Member

Here's What's Included!

8 Training Videos

8 training videos that walk you through the exact steps to be able to go to bed at your ideal bedtime.

Printable PDFs

 Printable PDFs of the video slides.




For the next 4 weeks you can leave comments under the training videos to get feedback from Jacqueline as you go through the steps.

Tech Support


The training videos are hosted on an intuitive and easy to use platform. However, if you have any tech questions, please email us at support@untappedbrilliance and we will take care of you right away.

Bonus #1

10 ways to Fall Asleep Fast..without counting sheep

Having difficulty falling asleep is one of the reasons many ADHDers delay going to bed.

They think,' why bother going to bed if I won’t be able to fall asleep anyway'.

This workshop lessons gives you 10 ways to fall asleep fast!


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  • 8 training videos that walk you through the exact steps to be able to go to bed at your ideal bedtime.
  • Printable PDFs of the video slides.

  • Bonus 

Yes I am ready to enroll!

"“Without hesitation I recommend anyone struggling with ADHD to work with Jacqui. “I knew that medication wasn’t the only answer and that a major dietary/lifestyle change was needed for me to feel in control of my life. The changes I made not only helped my ADHD, they also helped with my severe insomnia. “Without a doubt, working with Jacqui was one of the best decisions I have made. I would have also saved thousands of dollars on psychiatrists if I had worked with her sooner.”"



Is there a refund policy?

There are no refunds for this offer. If you’re not sure this is right for you, check out the Untapped Brilliance Blog (free) or the Untapped Brilliance book (low cost) to see how you like my style and content.


Jacqueline Sinfield

Jacqueline has worked in health care for over twenty years. In England, she trained and worked as a registered nurse and obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology before moving to Canada and setting up her practice as a coach for adults with ADHD.

Her Untapped Brilliance blog has been named a “Top ADHD Blog of 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018” by Healthline, “Best of the Web Blog” by Psych Central and “Top 20 ADHD Blog Winner” by ADDerworld.

In addition she was a writer for the health website VeryWell.com for two years as their ADHD Expert.

Her book Untapped Brilliance has helped thousands of adults with ADHD.


Jacqueline is a qualified nurse, Keele University, Staffordshire UK, has a bachelor’s degree in psychology (Hon.) and a certificate in counselling.  She is a Coach U (USA) graduate. She has also studied and read widely with international ADHD experts and continues to be attentive to emerging research.

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