New to ADHD Power Hour

When Jenny heard she had ADHD it was a Eureka moment!

She felt happiness and relief.

Jenny had spent years trying to figure out why she felt different from everyone else. When her Google searches kept coming up with ‘ADHD’ she decided it was something she should look into more seriously.

That’s how she ended up getting an evaluation and the official diagnosis.

Jenny’s happy bubble quickly burst though.

Within 48 hours of hearing the news, she felt confused, angry, overwhelmed and blah all at the same time.

She felt cheated too.

Getting a diagnosis was supposed to put an end to her confusion but now her old questions were replaced with new ones.

Why didn’t anyone notice sooner? Her life would have been so much easier if she’d found out when she was younger.

Does this mean I am going to be like this forever?

What do I do now?

Jenny knew she was smart – she had the academic qualifications to prove it –but she didn’t feel it.

She had a good job, but was always second guessing herself. She worked more hours than anyone else to compensate for how much longer some tasks took her.

Jenny wanted the same things in life as her friends: do well at work, fall in love, have a family.

But right now that felt such a far off dream, it was almost too painful to think about.

Doing ‘simple’ things that other people found easy, like writing a shopping list or cooking a meal, left her completely exhausted. How could she ever take care of another human being?

What she really wanted was to learn practical strategies to deal with her ADHD so it wasn’t a big thing in her life. Was that even possible? And if it was, she honestly had no idea where to start.

Does this sound like you?

 Getting an official ADHD diagnosis is great because now you know why you are the way you are. But it also leads to a whole new set of questions, emotions and confusions. 

Are you…

  • Struggling to come to terms with the diagnosis?
  • Concerned there is a stigma around ADHD and it will hold you back professionally?
  • Wondering who to tell?
  • Feeling annoyed that you didn’t find out sooner?
  • Thinking back to events in your life and how they might have been different if you had known about ADHD?
  • Upset because your parents don’t ‘believe in’ ADHD?
  • Trying to figure out what lifestyle changes would help your ADHD symptoms?
  • Questioning the diagnosis… did the doctor made a mistake?
  • Googling ‘natural treatments for ADHD’ and feeling overwhelmed with all the options?
  • Wondering, ‘Does this mean my life is going to be like this forever?’
  • Worried having ADHD will get in the way of having a serious relationship?
  • Trying to figure out which professionals can help?

"If I had only seen Jacqui 15 years earlier I would be 15 times more ahead in life! Jacqui has helped me with my ADHD issues and fears. She has done more for me than a multitude of expensive Psychiatrists, Psychoanalysts and Psychologists all have done combine over the last 15 years. I am currently based out of Melbourne, Australia and Jacqui out of Montreal Canada. All our coaching appointment have been Skype appointments. "


Google is awesome, but it can leave you with more questions than answers.

That’s why I created the New to ADHD Power Hour.

It’s a 1 hour coaching session where we get all your questions, concerns, worries and fears addressed.

Talking with a real person who ‘gets’ ADHD can help you to understand how the condition affects you and what treatment and management options could be good for you. I can also help you to integrate your new diagnosis into your life experiences so far.

For example, friends might try to be supportive and say things like, ‘You can’t have ADHD, you’ve got a degree,’ which although well-meaning isn’t helpful. Now you feel misunderstood and question if your diagnosis is accurate.


As an ADHD coach, I can shed some light on things like why you were able to do well in school and Uni despite your challenges of living with undiagnosed ADHD.

When you are learning about a new topic, it is hard to apply the brand new information to your unique situation. A big reason for this is it’s hard to prioritize. Everything is new and it all seems important! Then, because it’s impossible to do everything at once, you feel overwhelmed.


I have been talking with adults living with ADHD every day for the last 14 years, so it’s easy for me to see what takes priority now and what can be done later.

By the end of our Power Hour you will have a plan of action with the items listed in order of importance. Don’t worry if plans usually fill you with dread. Yours will only have items that feel do-able to you.

Going from confusion to clarity feels really good. One client described it as 'an overcast sky opening up to the sunshine'

"After our session, I felt I had wings. I felt happy and light...looking forwards to a better tomorrow. I feel more alive than I have in years, like an overcast sky opening up to the sunshine."

B. 44 year old
Self Employed

Here are just some of the topics we might cover

  • How to find a knowledgeable doctor in your area;
  • What informal accommodations you could arrange at work (this way you get help for your symptoms without mentioning ADHD);
  • What the best natural ways to treat and manage ADHD would be for you (they are different for everyone);
  • How to start feeling comfortable that you have ADHD, rather than embarrassed or ashamed;
  • And so much more!


Can we really cover all this in 1 hour?

 Yes, absolutely. You’ll be surprised just how much we can cover. Although the topics are big and important, that doesn’t mean each one takes a lot of air time for you to have clarity.

But what if I don't live near you?

Even though we may not live in the same city or country it’s not a problem because we can meet virtually on Zoom (like Skype but better reception).

Will it work for me?

Are you wondering, But will it work for me?’ Again, the answer is yes, even if you feel yours is a complicated or an extreme case. As long as you are willing to share your experiences and have an open mind, then the New to ADHD Power Hour will help you.

One client said, ‘Jacqui has the answer to every question or problem.’

"Jacqui has ALL the answers to EVERYTHING. Every problem you throw at her, she immediately gives you a tip or tool to handle that situation. I am no longer the same person I was. It’s hard to remember the old me now. I learned so much from our coaching. "

28 year old medical student, now doctor

Here’s what you get...

* A 60 minute one-to-one coaching session with me, Jacqueline.

That’s where we get all your questions, concerns, worries and fears addressed.

* Coaching notes.

After our call, I email you your coaching notes. These help you remember the key points we talked about. Plus, it means you don’t have to write anything down during the Power Hour… unless you want to.

* An action plan.

This plan includes easy and do-able concrete action steps for you to take in the next 3 months.

* Email follow up.

You have the option to email me with any follow up questions you might have.

Ready To Book Your Power Hour?

Ready to book your New To ADHD Power Hour?


Simply click on the orange button below and pick out the best time for you. The calendar works out the time difference, so you don’t have to do any complicated math.

After you have booked your New-to-ADHD Power Hour, go to your inbox and look for an email from me!

$350 USD

YES! I am Ready To Book My Power Hour.

"Jacqueline is the ONLY professional who has ever been able to make a difference. After years of frustration, near misses and unfulfilled dreams, Jacqueline managed to tap into what makes me tick and utilize my strengths.” "

Peter Bailey


"My life is life is night and day different after working with Jacqueline. She definitely has the goods and is an expert on ADHD. However, her real gift has been in seeing me as a capable and competent person. She quietly operated from that belief working it into the fabric of our coaching sessions. Now I believe it too. That goes way beyond any strategy I could ask for. I live in the US and Jacqueline is in Canada. Yay internet!"

Social Media Consultant

Jacqueline Sinfield

Jacqueline has worked in health care for over twenty years. In England, she trained and worked as a registered nurse and obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology before moving to Canada and setting up her practice as a coach for adults with ADHD.

Her Untapped Brilliance blog has been named a “Top ADHD Blog of 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018” by Healthline, “Best of the Web Blog” by Psych Central and “Top 20 ADHD Blog Winner” by ADDerworld.

In addition she was a writer for the health website for two years as their ADHD Expert.

Her book Untapped Brilliance has helped thousands of adults with ADHD.


Jacqueline is a qualified nurse, Keele University, Staffordshire UK, has a bachelor’s degree in psychology (Hon.) and a certificate in counselling.  She is a Coach U (USA) graduate. She has also studied and read widely with international ADHD experts and continues to be attentive to emerging research.

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