Did you know you have lots more control over your focus than you  think?

 Now you might be thinking, ‘But I have ADHD. Can I really focus?’

 The answer is yes.

Although having problems with attention and focus are classic ADHD traits, there are things you can do to help make focusing easier.

There are lots of benefits of being able to focus including

  • You can finish tasks and projects that have been hanging around for a while as well as start and finish new ones as they come into your life.
  • Your productivity and effectiveness increases.
  • You get more done faster. Which leads to feelings of pride and personal satisfaction because it feels good to get things done.
  • Confidence in your own abilities increases.
  • You have more motivation and zest for your life.
  • Your ability to make decisions improves
  • Feelings of stress and overwhelm reduce.
  • No more feelings that there is so much to do and not enough time.

Focus is when you direct your attention, thoughts and concentration towards one thing.

 A bit like a spotlight that shines brightly on the theatre stage and highlights one actor.

Being able to focus your attention feels really good!

Even if you don’t hyper focus, I bet you have some days where you can focus on your work no problem for hours.

Then on other days you just can’t get seem into the groove. You find yourself getting distracted and procrastinating and the hours just slip away.

The good news is that focus and concentration aren’t random things that an outside force blesses you with on some days but not others.

There are reasons why you can focus some days and not others.

And, when you know what those reasons are, you can recreate the good focus days again and again.

Hi!  I am Jacqueline Sinfield and on an average day, I spend quite a bit of time thinking about focus.

I am either helping my clients increase their ability to focus, reading books and research papers about focus or using myself as a guinea pig and testing out strategies.

In the 17 years of being an ADHD Coach, finding focus is still as fascinating as ever.

Because focus is such a key ingredient to success and reaching your potential when you have ADHD, I created a course called Focus on Demand. It’s a systematic and repeatable approach to focusing, which removes all the mystery and puts you firmly in charge.

Here's what you will learn in Focus on Demand

  • Learn exactly what helps you to focus, so that you can keep doing it!
  • What physical environment is best for you to focus easily;
  • How to reduce external distractions without feeling guilty or feel like you are offending people;
  • How to manage internal distractions so that you can sit and focus on one thing rather than jump from one thing to the next;
  • The simple lifestyle changes that help to increase your focus.

Also included...

Focus in a time of Crisis.

In this module I walk you through the 11 steps ADHD Friendly Steps to focus at a time of personal or global crisis.

You will learn...

  • How to feel motivated to focus during a crisis
  • How to stay in a positive headspace​ 
  • How sit and focus so that you can get things done. 
  • How to have time to focus
  • And much more



Ready to Enroll in Focus on Demand?


You will get:

  • 9  training videos that walk you through the 7 repeatable ways to focus

  • Printable PDF's of the video slides.
  • Training videos for the 11 steps to 'Focus  at a time of crisis'
  • Recording of the LIVE workshop of 'Focus at a time of crisis' 
  • Lifetime access so you can come back to it for review at any time
  • Immediate access. So you can start right away!
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Jacqueline Sinfield

Jacqueline has worked in health care for over twenty years. In England, she trained and worked as a registered nurse and obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology before moving to Canada and setting up her practice as a coach for adults with ADHD.

Her Untapped Brilliance blog has been named a “Top ADHD Blog of 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019” by Healthline, “Best of the Web Blog” by Psych Central and “Top 20 ADHD Blog Winner” by ADDerworld.

In addition she was a writer for the health website VeryWell.com for two years as their ADHD Expert.

Her book Untapped Brilliance has helped thousands of adults with ADHD.


Jacqueline is a qualified nurse, Keele University, Staffordshire UK, has a bachelor’s degree in psychology (Hon.) and a certificate in counselling.  She is a Coach U (USA) graduate. She has also studied and read widely with international ADHD experts and continues to be attentive to emerging research.

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