Ready to Manage your ADHD Symptoms?

Did you know there are simple and highly effective strategic ways to minimize your unwanted ADHD symptoms?


"Untapped Brilliance is brilliant! In logical, concrete terms, it shows a person how to get to the gifts wrapped up in ADD and not suffer from the clutter and frustration that holds so many people back. Full of hope and practical wisdom, this book is a treasure"

Edward M. Hallowell, M.D
Author of Driven to Distraction

In this practical ADHD-friendly book you will discover the eleven steps that help adults with ADHD tame their ADHD symptoms.

Rest assured these strategies are simple, practical and straightforward. There are no weird ingredients or complicated methods. That means you can start using them right away. Today in fact!

 You will learn

  • How to make simple lifestyle changes that minimize the negative aspects of ADHD
  • How to create an environment that encourages you to focus
  • How to identify and begin achieving your life goals
  • And much more

Untapped Brilliance does more than just explain what to do, it show you how to make those changes.

The Untapped Brilliance Story

Way back in 2007, I was frustrated because I couldn’t find a straightforward, comprehensive book for adults (not children) with ADHD that I could refer my clients and blog readers to .

I wanted the book to be:

  • Easy to read
  • Be more than just a description of what Adult ADHD is
  • Focus on every aspect of Adult ADHD; not just one part. E.g. organizing or nutrition
  • Include ADHD-friendly strategies to stop challenges from being problems

When I couldn’t find the book I was looking for, I decided to write it!

Once I had made the decision to write a book, I knew exactly what the content was!

It would be the 11 steps of the Signature Coaching Program I created, and had been using for myself and with coaching clients and got such great results.

The 11 steps solve a problem I heard again and again.

‘I have so much potential, but I just can’t seem to achieve what I know I am capable of’.

I could see for myself how amazing each person was. However, their untamed ADHD symptoms were making it hard work just maintaining status quo; let alone any movements forward.

In two words, ‘Untapped Brilliance’ describes and positions this beautifully.

One reader said that of all the books on ADHD she had read, this one was the first with a positive title.

Since it was first published in 2008, Untapped Brilliance has helped 1000’s of people.

It's available in 2 formats. A paperback or ebook.

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"Untapped Brilliance is a little gem of a self-coaching primer. In straight-forward language Jacqueline Sinfield proves practical advice and simple easy-to-follw techniques that will help adults challenged by AD(H)D to re-create their lives"

Gabor Maté M.D
Author of Scattered Minds

As a first time author, it was hard to release Untapped Brilliance into the world. I was used to interacting with my clients one-on-one; and now, I had to let Untapped Brilliance take over.

Can’t get past the first few pages of a book?

One concern I had was many Adults with ADHD don’t get past the first few pages of the books they buy. Or they get distracted and don’t know what they just read. Untapped Brilliance was written with this in mind so that readers could access the content easily.

I have heard over and over again, ‘Jacqui! This is the first book I have ever read cover to cover’.

"I feel this is the first book that actually caters to the distracted mind! The paragraphs are short & concise, yet packed with wonderful ideas that are not only helpful but “do-able”. “Thank you, Jacqui, for speaking my language! Saturday 12:30- I open the book with a feeling of excitement that maybe, just maybe, my life will begin to change. As I read the forwards from others, my excitement builds. I turn to Chapter 1 and before I know it I’m on Chapter 5 (that doesn’t usually happen with me and self-help books. I am constantly re-reading as I get distracted and, when I get to the end of the page; realize I have no idea what I just read!). I actually finished Untapped Brilliance on Sunday!”"

52, Full time Mum

This book is never far from my side

My other concern was that I couldn’t check in with every reader (like I can with clients) to help them implement actions to see results. I hoped readers would keep Untapped Brilliance by their side as a daily reminder to take action and not tucked away on a bookcase. That concern quickly evaporated when I started getting messages like this!

“…this book is never far from my side to refer back to and get me back on track. There are truly so many valuable pieces of information that make a difference in everyday life.”

My final concern was a biggie.

Would people get the similar results to my in-person clients?

Again, a huge yes!

"“As an adult who is easily distracted and whose mind flits from place to place to place quicker than lightning, I love Untapped Brilliance. It is chock full of simple and highly effective ways to minimize my unwanted ADHD symptoms and tap into brilliance.” ~Bonnie Hutchinson"

Job Title

"“Having read and followed the advice in Untapped Brilliance, I have gone from feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by day to day activities to finally getting my life in order and actually achieving my goals. Buy this book! It will change your life!!” "

H.R Director

Partners of adults with ADHD found Untapped Brilliance useful too.


"“As a spouse of someone with ADD, I found this book very interesting and informative. It was helped me to better understand ADD, and how I can help my husband.” "

~49-year-old female

Untapped Brilliance was also a hit with adults with ADHD tendencies, but hadn't been officially diagnosed yet..

"“An easy to read step-by-step guide on how to lead a more productive & enriched life. With chapters on how goal setting, connecting with others, having fun, better nutrition & exercise (to name but a few) help us to lead a more fruitful life. "

Lisa M. USA
39-year-old without ADHD

Want to get your own copy?

Paperback copies are sold out

New ones are being printed and will be available soon. Ebook (PDF) copies ARE available!

Paperback Copy

$15 USD


Temporarily sold out

Ebook (PDF)

$10 USD

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"“I can commend the steps described in Jacqueline’s book: they have greatly improved my quality of life, beyond what words can tell…” ~M.L., a 60-year-old Special Education Teacher"

~M.L., a 60-year-old
Special Education Teacher

"I was feeling depressed as I had recently moved to a new country and was struggling to settle in. After following the steps in Untapped Brilliance I have noticed a big difference. I am now more emotional stable, interact better socially, feel and look healthier (I lost 14lbs) and no longer feel the sadness I use to feel. I am productive on a daily basis which helps me feel in control and good about myself and my life"

24 year old Male Student

Jacqueline Sinfield

Jacqueline has worked in health care for over twenty years. In England, she trained and worked as a registered nurse and obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology before moving to Canada and setting up her practice as a coach for adults with ADHD.

Her Untapped Brilliance blog has been named a “Top ADHD Blog of 2015, 2016 and 2017” by Healthline, “Best of the Web Blog” by Psych Central and “Top 20 ADHD Blog Winner” by ADDerworld.

In addition she was a writer for the health website for two years as their ADHD Expert.

Her book Untapped Brilliance has helped thousands of adults with ADHD.


Jacqueline is a qualified nurse, Keele University, Staffordshire UK, has a bachelor’s degree in psychology (Hon.) and a certificate in counselling.  She is a Coach U (USA) graduate. She has also studied and read widely with international ADHD experts and continues to be attentive to emerging research.

Want to get your own copy?

Paper Back copies are sold out :(

New ones are being printed and will be available soon. Ebook (PDF) copies ARE available!

Paperback Copy

$15 USD


Temporarily sold out

Ebook (PDF)

$10 USD

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