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Imagine feeling organized and productive every day!

(without getting stressed or bored)

On paper, George should be happy.

He has a supportive wife, two healthy children, a university degree and a job that pays the bills. 

Yet George is miserable and feels a little more frustrated with himself every day.

Each morning he wakes up sleep-deprived and with a sense of dread about the day ahead. Life doesn’t seem fun; it feels like something to get through.

 His ADHD symptoms are managed just well enough that he can do what is required of him to avoid getting fired or having arguments at home.

However, he lives with an uneasy feeling of dissatisfaction that he is capable of so much more.

George knows he is talented and smart

which actually makes him feel worse not better

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After all, if he is smart, why can’t he figure this out? He is a little resentful of his friends’ achievements.

Their successes seemed to come easily.

If he told people how he feels, they would be shocked because to the outside world, George seems cheerful, articulate and easy going.

Nobody sees how hard George has to work behind the scenes to give that ‘normal’ appearance.

George feels stuck. He calls it a ‘failure loop’ because no matter how hard he tries he can’t seem to break it.

He often experiments with new techniques or tactics that could help his ADHD. He is always optimistic that this will be THE thing that will change everything.

However, after a week or three, he stops doing it. Perhaps it’s because the technique doesn’t seem to be working or because he forgets.

That only seems to prove to George that he really is stuck.

At the end of the day when everyone else is in bed, George stays up and surfs the internet, mindlessly flicking through websites until he finds an article interesting enough to read.

Before he knows it, it’s 3 a.m. and, feeling defeated, he drags himself to bed. He is painfully aware that his alarm will be ringing in three and a half hours. He feels annoyed with himself (again) for not going to bed like a regular person. He is so sick of breaking promises to himself. 

Hey there,

I'm Jacqueline 

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I have been an ADHD coach for the past 19 years. 

During that time I have heard many stories like George’s.

As heartbreaking as the stories are, I know the person’s life won’t be that way much longer.  When people contact me, I know they are ready for some big changes. And it’s my job to help them.

At the start of the conversation, people are understandably skeptical.

As much as they want help for their ADHD, they also want to protect themselves from getting excited and hopeful only to be disappointed… again.

They have probably worked with many different professionals over the years and tried a variety of different tactics.

Why would this be different?

A message I hear again and again from the people I have worked with:

 ‘Jacqueline is the only professional that has been able to help me.’

 I might never know the exact reasons for these successes, but I can make a good guess.  :)

It’s a combination of my formal education (nurse, psychology degree, coach) and my personal experience of living with severe dyslexia.

While ADHD and dyslexia are different conditions, there is enough of an overlap that I understand really well the challenges people with ADHD have – so well in fact that people ask,

‘Are you psychic?’


‘Are you in my head right now?’

 I’m not! :) However, this deep understanding and years of experience allow me to know what helps ADHD symptoms, what doesn’t, what should take priority and what can be left for later or even forgotten completely.

Most important of all!

I understand what are the easiest things for a person living with ADHD to implement to give them the biggest results.

During the 19 years of being an ADHD Coach, I developed a system of techniques and habits that, when implemented together, allow ADHD symptoms to be managed.

That in turn means you can feel in control of your day, organized, productive, accomplished and happy.

A Google search or trip to your local bookstore will give you lots of ideas and information to help ADHD symptoms. The problem is, all that information can feel confusing.

What to do first?

Is it the ‘right’ thing?

Because the steps in my system are the foundational pieces for my private individual coaching clients, I decided to create a resource library of training videos and worksheets that clients could refer to again and again.

That is when I had a brain wave! Since this information is universally helpful to all adults with ADHD regardless of age, gender or career path, why not make it available for more ADHD peeps ?

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-Peter Bailey.

Jacqueline is the ONLY professional who has ever been able to make a difference. After years of frustration, near misses and unfulfilled dreams, Jacqueline managed to tap into what makes me tick and utilize my strengths.”

Commission based job


‘The Untapped Brilliance Club’, 

A supportive membership program that offers a practical step-by-step plan to manage your ADHD so that you can thrive (not just survive)

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Being part of the Untapped Brilliance Club means

You will always have someone to…

  • Talk through a problem
  • Give you proven ADHD-related advice
  • Support you with encouragement or a confidence boost
  • Keep you company through hard or scary tasks
  • Celebrate wins (big or small)
  • Care about you (genuinely!)

Someone to provide a safe space that sees you and others like you build a life you love and thrive without letting your ADHD get in the way.

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"The Untapped Brilliance Club feels like the university I wished I had discovered 30 years ago.'

Happy Club Member

How will

The Untapped  Brilliance Club

help me to manage my ADHD?

There are 5 parts to The Untapped Brilliance Club

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Part 1 
The Essentially Brilliance  Roadmap

Feel organized, productive AND accomplished with a crystal clear 7-module roadmap to help manage your ADHD and get you BIG results.

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Part 2
Course Library 

Get immediate access to my complete online course library that explores the most common challenges for people like you living with ADHD and sets you up with practical tools and techniques to get unstuck.

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Part 3
2 x Monthly  Live Coaching Calls + Podcast

Get personal support from me for your ADHD-related challenges and course-specific questions in our fortnightly live coaching calls. Join live, watch the replays or tune in via your private podcast feed on the run.

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Part 4

Unlimited Body Double Sessions

Beat procrastination and increase focus with unlimited accountability sessions with another Untapped Brilliance Club member. Virtual-work alongside each other to beat your ADHD and get things done!

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Part 5

The Private Facebook Group

Join our member-only Facebook Group to celebrate your wins, stay on track and connect with other smart, kind and motivated people living with ADHD who get you. You also get daily access to me for ongoing support on your journey!  

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Part 6

Personal Guided Tour with Jacqueline

I want you to get the most out of this experience. That's why you get a guided tour from me showing you through all the amazing features as soon as you join.

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Part 7

8-Week Planning Workshop

Join me every 8 weeks as I show you how to plan efficiently with ADHD for the next 2-months ahead. Then use the tools & resources inside the Club to help you make them happen!

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Monthly Themes 

Take targeted, positive steps towards managing your ADHD with exciting monthly themes. Let's explore specific, actionable steps you can take to see BIG results each and every month!


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$99 USD

Per Month

Recurring payment - cancel anytime with  just a few clicks of your mouse 

Here's what's included. 

The Essentially Brilliant RoadMap

 Course Library

  • The Business Brilliance Society
  • Focus on Demand
  • It's a Wrap
  • I'm Going to Bed Now For Sure
  • The Email Club
  • Clear and Calm

Unlimited Body Double Sessions

2 x Monthly  Live Coaching Calls

Theme of the month

The Private Facebook Group

Immediate access to the course library when you enroll.



$1,000 USD

Per Year

Recurring payment - cancel anytime with  just a few clicks of your mouse 

Here's what's included. 

The Essentially Brilliant  RoadMap

 Course Library

  • The Business Brilliance Society
  • Focus on Demand
  • It's a Wrap
  • I'm Going to Bed Now For Sure
  • The Email Club
  • Clear and Calm
 Unlimited Body Double Sessions
2 x Monthly  Live Coaching Calls

Theme of the month

The Private Facebook Group

Immediate access to the course library when you enroll.


  • A 60 minute, 1.1 coaching call with Jacqueline, where we will

1. Identify your top three ADHD challenges

 2. Create a do-able action plan to address them using all the resources  in The UTB Club

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Untapped Brilliance offers practical advice that has helped me develop habits, routines, and approaches to projects that have transformed my ADHD existence into something more manageable, productive, and satisfying.
Jacqui cultivates a kind, supportive, and friendly online community. Being part of this community has taught me that I don't have to struggle alone, and it's given me optimism in dark times.
I'm kinder to myself now and more present for others. I love having ongoing access to online discussions with (literally) like-minded people, who continue to ask questions, share experiences, swap tips, and cheer each other on. It's probably the best investment in myself that I've ever made.

Sometimes I wonder if Jacqueline might be an actual angel who has dropped down from an internet cloud just to make my life easier.


The Untapped Brilliance Roadmap

Create a productive and organized life with my step-by-step system that removes the guesswork and provides you with everything you need to have a successful day.

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Module 1 Hello Morning!

  • What to do each morning so you don’t mind getting out of bed when your alarm rings.
  • The four must-have things to include in your morning routine so that you feel organized and in control of your day
  • Why eating breakfast helps your ADHD symptoms
  • The best ADHD-friendly breakfast to help you focus for the rest of the day
  • How to eat breakfast even if your mornings are frantic or you aren’t usually hungry in the mornings
  • How to leave home every morning so you can get to work on time
  • How never to leave home without all your important items for the day


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Module 2 Feeling Accomplished

  •  How to sit down and work instead of jumping up to do something else before you forget about it
  • How to learn where your time is going each day
  • How to know the difference between what is your ‘busy work’ and what your important work is, and why it matters
  • What to do if you think tasks take you longer than they do other people
  • What tasks to do so that you feel accomplishment at the end of the day
  • What your time drains are and how to get rid of them
  • How to follow through on tasks from beginning to end


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Module 3: Perfect Timing

  • How to improve your understanding of the passage of time
  • How to be on time every time
  • How to use a calendar even if you have never have been able to before
  • How to get good at knowing how long different tasks take
  • How to stop having those ‘Oh it’s NOW!’ moments
  • How to use reminders to your advantage
  • How to avoid last minute panics because you forgot about a project


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Module 4: Deep Dive

  •  How to sit down and focus on important tasks
  • How to get in the ‘concentration zone’
  • How to stay in the ‘concentration zone’ even if you don’t hyper-focus
  • How to stop boredom before it starts
  • How to stay motivated even when a project gets difficult
  • How to stop relying on a looming deadline to get a task done


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Module 5: Big Love

  • How to feel good about yourself
  • How to stop feeling like an impostor or that people will discover the ‘truth’ about you
  • How to close the gap between how you feel about yourself and how other people see you
  • How to change the way your inner voice talks to you
  • How to start to believe a compliment when you get one
  • How to celebrate and enjoy your successes (you are going to experience a lot more success after taking Essentially Brilliant!)


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Module 6: Ta-Da! Your Anti-Procrastination Plan

  • How to take action even if you don’t feel like it
  • What do to if a task makes you feel overwhelmed or anxious
  • What to do if a task has become really large in your mind
  • What types of tasks you are most likely to procrastinate on
  • How to catch up on a backlog of tasks you have been procrastinating on
  • How to limit procrastination in the future


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Module 7: Backstage

Behind-the-scene secrets to help you  manage your ADHD naturally.

This module provides an in-depth look at the tools and strategies in Essentially Brilliant! to support your success in Modules 1 to 6



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One of the things I find unique about Jacqui as a coach is that you have a combo of scientific medical knowledge and coaching experience.
That combo makes you good at translating scientific info into plain English. You also share examples of how that scientific data plays out in real life, which helps me to take action and see positive changes in my life.

Untapped Brilliance Club Member



The Course Library

6 actionable courses to support you with ADHD-specific challenges in all facets of life.

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Clear and Calm

How to declutter the ADHD-friendly way, so you can create and maintain an organized environment

Value = $197

Learn more about Clear and Calm
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Focus on Demand 

7 Repeatable ADHD Friendly Ways to Focus... When You Want To.

Value = $97

Learn more about Focus on Demand
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The Business Brilliance Society

Build a thriving, profitable business--without letting your ADHD get in the way

Value = $997/yr

Learn more about Business Brilliance
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It's a Wrap!

The 6 step ADHD Friendly System to Plan, Motivate, Prioritize and follow through so that you can finish what you start.

Value = $247

Learn more about It's a Wrap
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 I'm Going to Bed Now..for Sure!

How to go bed at your ideal bedtime, so your brain stays sharp and productive.

Value = $97

Learn more about Going to Bed Now
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The Email Club

The 7 step ADHD friendly system to feel organized and in control of your inbox.

Value = $397

Learn more about The Email Club
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This course has given me a framework. to work with my ADD.   It has been very helpful for me to feel part of a community of others with ADD. i  continue to refer back to the course material when I am ready to work on something  or need to rethink how I might try to work on something. 


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Truly, one of the best communities I have ever had the pleasure of joining, not to mention the most beneficial to me personally.
A world of creative, caring adults willing to share tips and tricks and best of all, never judge.

The lessons were incredible, from assessing time and better utilizing time to developing better sleep time schedules.

But one thing that I find interesting is that I am kinder to myself.


Ottawa, Canada

Members who can't participate in live calls  still enjoy the advantages and benefits of being part of the Club!.

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Ready to join?


  Voxer Hours

Get personalized support, on matter what time zone you are in!

Voxer hours are a 2-hour window where you can ask me your ADHD questions, and I’ll reply!

You can ask your question by leaving me a short voice message or a written note, and I’ll reply with a voice message that you can listen to at your convenience.

Benefits of Voxer Hours


You can send me voice messages at your convenience during the month, and I'll respond to them during the specified two-hour Voxer Hours session. 

So, no matter your schedule or time zone, you can get your ADHD question answered!

Personalize Support,

Voxer hours are another way to get personalized support, insight, and strategies tailored to your unique situation.


If you ever have a question that feels private, or you feel too shy to ask in a group setting, Voxer Hours are perfect because it's just you and me (Jacqui)

Voxer Hours, July 17th 

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8 Week Planning Workshop

(held you guessed it! every 8 weeks inside The Untapped Brilliance Club!)

Does this sound like you?

You want to feel organized and finish tasks that are important to you.

You know that creating a plan would help you achieve these goals.

The only problem is…

  • Thought of planning usually makes you break into a sweat and feel anxious
  • Or if you do create a plan, it doesn't mean you will follow it,

If you are nodding as you read this, I have good news!!!

There is a different way to approach planning.

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It's a live workshop designed to help you plan in a way that makes sense to your ADHD brain, and post-planning actions feel like second nature.

With The 8-Week Planning Party Live Workshop, you'll

  • Have confidence that your plan doesn't just look pretty; it's designed for practical follow-through.
  • Experience a sense of purpose in your day; less drifting or feeling lost.
  • Accomplish practical tasks (like making reservations ahead of time) and enjoy the benefits of proactive living.
  • Remind yourself of the activities that align with your values, goals, and life vision.
  • Feel confident that you'll get more of the important-to-you-things done.

 Our next planning workshop is on Wednesday August 7th!

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The results speak for themselves...

Jacqueline gave me one tip that tripled my productivity. I was amazed by how easy it was and what a huge difference it made. When I talk about my frustrations, Jacqui listens calmly and helps me feel accepted and then gives me easy simple steps I can do effortlessly. Tasks that have been hanging around for months are done. Projects are finally moving ahead. That means more money flows in. Thank you!!"

Bonnie Hutchinson

Writer, Consultant, 

Ready to Enroll? 



Frequently Asked Questions

Let's Get Started...



Per Month




Per Year

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The biggest results for me have been getting the structure needed to get back on track after a move.

Also my procrastination has improved!

The habits I have developed are getting the daily exercise for me and my dogs.

Also the morning routine, which is important to me because it starts the day off on a positive note!

Jacqui is extremely generous with her time and doesn't miss a beat coming up with different alternatives in case one doesn't work out.

I always feel there's hope...



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Thank you so much for encouraging me to track my spending.
It was scary, I was afraid of the monster's I'd see in my spending habits, but then looking at everything in the daylight it all felt more manageable.
Then, after I'd done it for several months, I could look back and see patterns, areas where I could cut back, or I knew were temporary splurges, not likely to repeat.
I used this information when I realized I might be able to buy a condo instead of renting. The condo is going to be a lot more money, but I know I can afford it because I know exactly how much money I made, how much I needed to live, and how much I could cut back.

I sign the papers for my condo next week!



Proud new home owner


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